IDRC - Celebrating 25 Years

1993 - 2018

Continuing Our Work During COVID-19

Read the letter regarding COVID-19 by IDRC Director, Jutta Treviranus.

We are fortunate that our team members are able to work from home during this pandemic. We want to extend our enormous gratitude to the front-line workers.

During the pandemic, the demand for the services of the IDRC has only increased and our collective mission of inclusivity has become even more relevant.

We Count, a project of the Inclusive Design Research Centre, funded by the Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED program) will address barriers to participation and employment for persons with disabilities in the rapidly growing data economy. At the same time, the project will tackle bias and exclusion of persons with disabilities in data systems and ensure that these systems (including artificial intelligence, smart technologies, data-driven decision making and data analytics) recognize, understand and serve people with disabilities by creating innovative machine learning strategies and addressing data gaps.

Do you know an inclusion challenge in data systems or the data economy? Nominate your challenge to We Count at our nomination form.

Are you interested in hearing about We Count activities or do you want to be contacted to learn about ways you can participate? If yes then send us your contact information on our contact form.

For additional information and project updates, please visit the We Count website.

The Coding to Learn and Create project has just released the first version of the Inclusive Coding Environment. This version features the ability to create programs that control the movements of Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot. The project will build upon the Coding Environment, adding new features with regular releases in the upcoming months. There are activities in the Educator’s Toolkit for you to try. Free play, Robot on a mission, and Tracing shapes are fun ways to try out the Inclusive Coding Environment!

In early November, IDRC director Jutta Treviranus, designer Cheryl Li and developer Ned Zimmerman participated in Who Owns the World?, the fifth annual Platform Cooperative conference at the New School in New York. The IDRC attended as part of our work on the Platform Cooperative Development Kit, a project in collaboration with Professor Trebor Scholz and the New School which seeks to co-design and develop inclusive tools in support of the emerging platform cooperative movement.

As well as providing an update on the kit at the conference's plenary session, Li and Zimmerman facilitated a co-design session with conference participants aimed at identifying technological needs for platform co-ops and participated in a panel discussion on cooperatives and the technology industry.