IDRC - Celebrating 25 Years

1993 - 2018

Data and algorithms aren't neutral - they reflect our biases, hidden assumptions, and systemic exclusions. Want to use your development skills to address these issues of equity and inclusion? Project We Count will examine discrimination and exclusion of persons with disabilities in the field of AI and machine learning, in collaboration with the people who have direct experience of this.

As an Inclusive Developer at the IDRC, you will help to build new systems that show how we can creatively address inequities in this rapidly growing field. Your job will include collaborating with other developers and designers to build web-based user interfaces for inclusive AI, participating in and supporting co-design sessions, and building project websites.

For job description and application process, please see this job posting: Inclusive Developer (AI & Machine Learning).

September 4 2019, OCAD University, Toronto - The IDRC is pleased to share that the Government of Canada, through the Accessible Technology Program, has announced funding for Project We Count.

Project We Count will address barriers to participation and employment for persons with disabilities in the rapidly growing data economy. At the same time, the project will tackle bias and exclusion of persons with disabilities in data systems and ensure that these systems (including artificial intelligence, smart technologies, data-driven decision making and data analytics) recognize, understand and serve people with disabilities by creating innovative machine learning strategies and addressing data gaps. Project We Count will increase knowledge, establish skills, develop inclusive data tools and create a forum whereby the Canadian disability community can help shape the rapidly evolving data economy in more inclusive directions.

July 26, 2019, OCAD University, Toronto - Are you interested in AI fairness and innovative machine learning? Would you like to develop new decision processes that are able to address changing contexts and unexpected scenarios? We are looking for developers, designers and data scientists to join our team to create machine learning models that can serve more than the majority or the average. If you are interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Update Aug 13, 2019: Added Inclusive Designer position. Closed developer positions.

Update Sep 6, 2019: All positions are now closed.

June 18 2019, OCAD University, Toronto - The IDRC is proud to announce that the Coding to Learn and Create project has been funded by the Government of Canada under the Accessible Technology Program. The Honourable Carla Qualtrough, Minister of Public Services and Procurement and Accessibility, announced the funding on May 29th 2019 at an event hosted by OCAD University.

For Coding to Learn and Create, the IDRC and Bridges Canada will develop new inclusive educational coding tools that will support the participation of students with complex learning needs, and will share critically-needed teaching resources and strategies to help educators teach more inclusively.

Visit the Coding to Learn and Create website ( to learn more and get involved.