IDRC - Celebrating 25 Years

1993 - 2018

The Coding to Learn and Create project has just released the first version of the Inclusive Coding Environment. This version features the ability to create programs that control the movements of Wonder Workshop’s Dash robot. The project will build upon the Coding Environment, adding new features with regular releases in the upcoming months. There are activities in the Educator’s Toolkit for you to try. Free play, Robot on a mission, and Tracing shapes are fun ways to try out the Inclusive Coding Environment!

In early November, IDRC director Jutta Treviranus, designer Cheryl Li and developer Ned Zimmerman participated in Who Owns the World?, the fifth annual Platform Cooperative conference at the New School in New York. The IDRC attended as part of our work on the Platform Cooperative Development Kit, a project in collaboration with Professor Trebor Scholz and the New School which seeks to co-design and develop inclusive tools in support of the emerging platform cooperative movement.

As well as providing an update on the kit at the conference's plenary session, Li and Zimmerman facilitated a co-design session with conference participants aimed at identifying technological needs for platform co-ops and participated in a panel discussion on cooperatives and the technology industry.

On October 18, DEEP will bring together participants from a broad, international community to discuss timely, difficult, and engaging topics. This year's theme is "State of Inclusion" and will feature discussions and workshops.

DEEP 2019 will be hosted at the Cooper Koo YMCA (461 Cherry Street, Toronto, ON M5A 0H7).

For more information about DEEP 2019, please visit:

Data and algorithms aren't neutral - they reflect our biases, hidden assumptions, and systemic exclusions. Want to use your development skills to address these issues of equity and inclusion? Project We Count will examine discrimination and exclusion of persons with disabilities in the field of AI and machine learning, in collaboration with the people who have direct experience of this.

As an Inclusive Developer at the IDRC, you will help to build new systems that show how we can creatively address inequities in this rapidly growing field. Your job will include collaborating with other developers and designers to build web-based user interfaces for inclusive AI, participating in and supporting co-design sessions, and building project websites.

For job description and application process, please see this job posting: Inclusive Developer (AI & Machine Learning).