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1993 - 2018

Fast Company magazine has published an article detailing Microsoft's adoption of inclusive design as part of an ongoing metamorphosis at the software company. According to the article:

The big idea is that in order to build machines that adapt to humans better, there needs to be a more robust process for watching how humans adapt to each other, and to their world. "The point isn’t to solve for a problem," such as typing when you’re blind, said Holmes. "We're flipping it." They are finding the expertise and ingenuity that arises naturally, when people are forced to live a life differently from most."

Jutta Treviranus, Director of the IDRC, also gets mentioned in the article for her role in defining inclusive design, and ultimately paving the way for mainstream organizations adopt inclusive design as a new approach to design and business.

Source: "Microsoft's Radical Bet On A New Type Of Design Thinking", Fast Company Magazine.