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1993 - 2018

Continuing Our Work During COVID-19

Read the letter regarding COVID-19 by IDRC Director, Jutta Treviranus.

In early November, IDRC director Jutta Treviranus, designer Cheryl Li and developer Ned Zimmerman participated in Who Owns the World?, the fifth annual Platform Cooperative conference at the New School in New York. The IDRC attended as part of our work on the Platform Cooperative Development Kit, a project in collaboration with Professor Trebor Scholz and the New School which seeks to co-design and develop inclusive tools in support of the emerging platform cooperative movement.

As well as providing an update on the kit at the conference's plenary session, Li and Zimmerman facilitated a co-design session with conference participants aimed at identifying technological needs for platform co-ops and participated in a panel discussion on cooperatives and the technology industry.