Jess Mitchell


Flexible Learning for Open Education
Equitable Digital Systems
Humanizing Education


Open Education, Open Pedagogy, Open Dialogue


Jess Mitchell’s work focuses on fostering innovation within diverse communities while achieving outcomes that benefit everyone. She applies this inclusive and broad perspective along with extensive experience to managing large-scale international projects, focused organizational initiatives, and everything in between.

Jess is a community leader who works in a highly collaborative, open, and iterative manner employing methods from complex project management, agile, participatory, and inclusive design.

Jess has worked on a number of complex distributed projects: ranging from building the Ghana Internet Exchange Point in West Africa, teaching inclusive design at the University level, facilitating workshops with government, industry, and non-profit partners, and helping organizations achieve culture change. Her work has spanned numerous sectors and fields.

With a background in Ethics, Jess delivers a unique perspective on messy and complex contexts that helps organizations and individuals navigate a productive way forward.

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