Consulting, Training and Services

What we offer

The Inclusive Design Research Centre offers several ways that organizations can learn, collaborate, and gain experience with Inclusive Design through four core areas:

  • Inclusive design consulting
  • Training
  • Digital accessibility reviews
  • Inclusive employee experience consulting

Ways to begin

There will never be just one way to do the work of inclusion or inclusive design. Rather than a framework or an ideology, inclusive design is a perspective shift that requires unlearning, questioning, and reimagining. Inclusive Design is the horizontal thread that stretches throughout the vertical functions/pillars of organizations. This work stretches from very tactical, technical know-how to having a mature emotional intelligence to discern the context, the stakeholders, the needs, and the complex relational aspects of everything. Our mix of services can help you meet your inclusion goals.


We work closely with clients across organizational levels to meet them where they are and help them define and achieve sustainable inclusion goals. Together we create customized approaches that are specific to an organization’s context, challenges and goals. We also provide flexible, as needed, consulting support. Consulting services can help you in:

  • Creating a more inclusive culture
  • Understanding and defining “measures” of inclusion
  • Developing and/or providing executive leadership training
  • Improving external collaboration and communication on inclusion
  • Building capacity in inclusive design within processes, policies, practices, and products


We offer a wide range of customizable training and workshops for all your teams, whether you’re looking to change minds, learn practical skills, or inspire hearts. Topics include:

  • Accessible content creation
  • Accessible UI and web design
  • Accessible graphic design
  • Accessible & Inclusive communications
  • Physical space design

Digital accessibility and compliance

We offer accessibility reviews, audits, and consulting at every stage of the design process. Grounded in our expertise in inclusion and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), we review designs, websites, mobile apps, and other digital interactions and provide you with the guidance you need to create accessible experiences. You don’t need wait until you've built something to review it. Whether you have napkin sketches, wireframes, functional prototypes, design systems, or anything in between, we can help you identify potential accessibility barriers early and provide specific guidance on how to implement designs and interactions in the most accessible way possible.

  • WCAG audits
  • Design reviews (wireframes, prototypes, design systems, style guides, surveys, etc.)
  • Accessibility annotation
  • Accessibility plans

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Consultations, website evaluations, and accessibility training are completed by the IDRC's own experts, all of whom possess years of experience in web and office document accessibility.

To enquire about any of our services or to receive a free quote, please contact us.

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